In case you're looking for a calm and reliable camera operator, director of photography or just a camera assistant that pulls focus. I own camera equipment myself that offers superb images in a very small package. Compact equipment can in some cases be very helpful especially when shooting films in public area. No one expects that this camera footage can be used for cinema. I mean you just took a photo, right?

How does my equipment compete against an arri alexa, red epic or F55? Although the images would look similar, you can't compare them. There are just 10 stops of dynamic range, there is no timecode in- and out, no camera internal audio recording. The resolution, bit depth, waveforms and datarates would look similar (lossless compression with 720MBit/s in FullHD 14 bit). It uses Compact Flash memory cards, has no air fans and lasts 2 hours with the internal battery.